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Do you also want to help less fortunate people around you in this pandemic time, because it is hard to find legitimate donation site to help them, so why don’t we help them ourselves ??

Do you also believe that everyone should be able to eat and enjoy healthy and tasty food??

Do you want to feel good and fulfilled from inside by just doing small act of kindness daily??

If you feel like agreeing with me on any one of the above terms, then this article will help you in feeling great everyday from now.

Why you should help?

If you are reading this, then you must have a good phone or laptop with good internet connection, which means you’re doing better than people that can’t afford food because of this pandemic.

We all know food is one the most important and basic necessity of every human being. So this is our responsibility to help them and help our nation to fight through this pandemic.

By helping other not only they, but you will also feel peaceful and contained from within. Everyone deserves to have good nutritional tasty food and because of your act of kindness may spark the desire in their hearts to start working and earn to enjoy everything this world has to offer.

So don’t stop it by doing it for few days, do it daily.

Why only frontline workers and doctors and nurses have to help, why don’t we also help them?? This is a great opportunity for us to help them and fight this together.

Maintaining Consistency in this time is very important for everyone of us.


How can we help them?

In this time consistency is very important because by doing something just for few days will not be enough at this point.

There are many ways we can help them, We cook food at our homes daily and we love the food which is made by our moms, so we just have to cook some extra food for at least one person and give it to them.

we can give them the essential stuff like food grains or pulses and flour which will sustain for one month and then do the same thing again.

We can help them by donating clothes and personal essential stuff as well. Eg: 1 soap,1 tooth brush and paste, some sachets of shampoo and most importantly sanitary napkins for women and any other essential things.

Think, if each one of us give one meal a day to different persons every day, we will be able to help 30 different people in just one month and out of 30 of them if 4 of them felt good and thought of working for their dreams, then in a year we will be able to inspire 48-50 people in a year.

You all must be thinking how is this going help me, through this act of sympathy you will feel happy and satisfied that feeling will keep you going through the day.

If you don’t believe me try it for your self and tell me how you felt.

This will not just help them, but help our nation to fight through this pandemic.

We know when we eat good healthy food our brain works more efficiently and there are so many children with big dreams, but they don’t get good nutritional food to eat and they have to sleep empty stomach. How sad all this is, just imagine if all children get good food how much they will be able to achieve.

I personally feel that we are so fortunate and lucky to have such great parents that we have great food always ready for us and we can order want ever we want, some people don’t even have parents.

So from now onwards we spread happiness through good food and help them to achieve their dreams. Just a meal daily to a person will change many lives. So let’s fight this covid together.

I hope you all will help fighting this hard time together, I hope this article inspired you to do some good deeds for yourself and people around you.

If you have any other suggest, please do let me know.

I hope you liked my article and this article made some impact on you. Thank you for spending your quality time reading my article.

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please do watch and let me know your suggestions.